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Ready for my close up

Mine is one of the essays from Nobody’s Father that will be excerpted in the Toronto Star’s Living section this coming week, so I spent this morning with one of the paper’s photographers, who had been assigned to take a portrait of me. Like many writers, I don’t relish the chance to have my picture taken, but if it sells more books, well, how can I refuse?

The task was made all the more enjoyable by the photographer, freelancer Craig Glover, who works out of London and is a stringer for the Star. He made the process quite painless and didn’t seem to mind dodging dogs and trudging through my very wet backyard to get some decent shots. I’m looking forward to seeing how the shots turned out and which is chosen to run with my story in the Star. Given that it’s a serious piece, they didn’t want a happy, smiley shot, but I found it surprisingly hard to keep a poker face after years of smiling and mugging for the camera. I’m hopeful I turn out looking smart and serious as opposed to blank and uninterested.

It sounded like Craig’s day was all downhill after leaving here–he was off to shoot a rainy football game at the University of Western Ontario this afternoon and then some sort of wrestling match (performance?) later on tonight, where he’d be shooting ringside.

Somehow, I don’t think I was the most interesting character he was shooting today.


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September 13, 2008 at 1:15 pm

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