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The Tyee picks Nobody’s Father

I was delighted to see that Nobody’s Father made The Tyee’s holiday book list this year. Legislative Editor Andrew MacLeod recommends it for “any guy unlikely to go forth and multiply,” noting that

This is not a book to give lightly to just any man who hasn’t gotten around to breeding, adopting or otherwise finding someone to parent. True, with 23 essayists contributing their tales, most readers will find someone with whom to identify. Explanations range from too busy to too gay to “life didn’t really work out that way.” Some are happily childless, some sad, some resigned. “I don’t see myself as father material,” writes Aaron Shepard, simple as that. “I don’t feel compelled to be a parent. It’s neither my loss nor my gain. It’s my identity.”

I, of course, also think it makes a swell gift.


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December 22, 2008 at 5:24 pm

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